April is APR Month- It Takes a PRo

April is APR Month - It Takes a PRo


As a skilled PR professional, you know that your success is dependent on

staying relevant, resourceful, and inspired. The Accreditation in Public

Relations (APR) sets you apart from your peers and proves that you have the

know-how to take your career to its fullest potential. It takes a professional—

someone with exceptional experience, broad expertise, and strong

dedication and values—to thrive at what you do.


The APR credential certifies your drive, professionalism, and principles. Being an APR confirms experienced PR professionals’ commitment and adherence to industry best

practices and ethics, and properly positions you as a leader and mentor in

the competitive public relations field. The APR conveys your dedication to

learning and self-improvement, and distinguishes you from your peers by

demonstrating a cultivated approach to staying abreast of the challenges

and solutions in today’s shifting public relations world and your capabilities in

a challenging professional assessment process. Preparing for the APR

provides you with uniquely comprehensive, relevant, and forward-thinking PR

skillsets and personal career insights that ensure the versatility and viability of

the next generation of public relations leaders.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Contact: Liselle DeGrave, APR

PRSA – CIEC APR Chair, or 951.764.0865 Join us on July 17 for an APR informational  dinner. Event details pending.


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