The Chase to be Recognized: Prestigious or Pathetic?

Don’t miss our next professional development luncheon featuring Angela Meluski from Westbound Communications and Tim Watkins from San Bernardino Associated Governments. 

These two stellar PR professionals will give great tips on submitting awards for the work you do. They’ll also help answer the question:  Is the quest for recognition prestigious or pathetic?


Angela Meluski is an account supervisor at Westbound Communications, a public relations and strategic marketing firm that specializes in building strong brand reputations for clients. 

Angela is an expert in strategic community relations, media relations, and public education.  Over the years she’s worked with groups organizations like Orange County Transportation Authority, Time Warner Cable, and Macy's. 

Tim Watkins is chief of legislative and public affairs with the San Bernardino Associated Governments, where he provides public outreach support for a number of agencies. Tim works closely with the media, business owners, and government and community representatives on important projects in San Bernardino County. Tim enjoys working in a field that has a direct benefit to the quality of life for fellow residents.

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Vision for 2015

By Mary Ann Pearson, Ed.D, APR
President PRSAIE 2015 

The PRSAIE chapter has a rich 50-year history. For a half of a century, public relations practitioners in the Inland Empire have come together for professional development, networking and friendship. I follow an incredible president. Aaron Norris served for nearly two years.

He led the board during 2013 with a focus on organization. We created templates, updated bylaws and created an updated handbook.  2014 was about building value for our members and guests. Aaron was a superb president as he succeeded in helping members remember and appreciate why they belonged to PRSAIE. Luncheons and events were well attended and fun. The excitement of our incredible year helped us to attract new members for the chapter and for the board. 

As President Elect in 2014, I suggested we set a goal of 100 members, even though the chapter had been stable at about 80 members for several years.  The efforts of our team helped us to exceed the goal and stay at 104-110 members for the year.  One of my passions for 2014 was to focus on diversity and Aaron took this to heart as he worked very hard to build the “Meet the Hispanic Media Event” that was one of the highlights of the year.

My goals and vision for 2015 build on the work we did under Aaron’s leadership and on the rich 50-year history of the chapter.

I want to continue to build value and to focus on relationships by establishing a culture of mentoring and transformational leadership.  We will provide rich resources through the luncheons, events, the website, social media posts, Polaris Award Ceremony and the APR process. We will focus on fun and educational events to build up, inform and educate our members with knowledge, expertise and the opportunity to network. 

The research of Burns (1978) on transformational leadership focuses on idealized influence, individualized consideration, Inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation that result in performance beyond expectations. 

As I leader I embrace and personify the principles of Burns on transformational leadership and of Greenleaf (1977) on servant leadership.

How will these principles and my leadership impact our chapter? We will focus on the following objectives:

  1. Increase PRSAIE membership to 125 in 2015.
  2. Witness at least three APR candidates pass the exam and finish the process successfully.
  3. Build Associate Membership by converting at least 5 PRSSA members to Associate Members after graduation.
  4. Continue with superb programming, networking with other professional organizations, and increasing attendance (10) at the Western District Conference.
  5. We will create a three-year strategic plan including succession planning by May, 2015.
  6. Mentor board members and work to build leadership skills among the board to ensure a continuing legacy of excellent leadership and an excellent slate of candidates for the 2016 board.

I look forward to collaborating with the board and committees to work on strategies and tactics as we move into 2015.

Here is to a great year!


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Become a CAPIO Judge!

From our friends at CAPIO:

The California Association of Public Information Officers (CAPIO) has officially launched the call for Excellence in Communications Award entries. CAPIO Awards are presented annually to honor outstanding public agency information and communications programs.

The 2015 awards will be presented on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 at CAPIO’s 2015 Annual Conference in Long Beach, California.

We are in need of volunteer judges to review and score the entries in multiple categories. For a full list of award requirements and award categories please visit the CAPIO website:

If you are interested in judging, please reply to this email and provide the following info:

  •         Category preference, if any
  •         Categories in which you/your agency will submitting an award(s)


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