PRSA Western District brings together some of the District’s brightest that are looking to take their leadership skills to the next level. This special Thursday morning sessions takes place before the main conference begins.

Brand Your Brilliance, Kimberly Gerber 9 am to 10:30 am

Introduction by Todd Cooley

We are thrilled to welcome Kimberly Gerber as the sessions headline speaker. Transformational brander of brilliance, Kimberly Gerber reveals the secret about why some personal brands are fabulous and why others are flops. In this talk, Kimberly educates us about the psychology behind personal branding to create clarity around why people with strategic, clear and compelling brands have an easier time building a profitable following of colleagues and clients. Audience members actively participate in this live event experience, and leave the session with personal action steps to easily and successfully brighten their brand and monetize their efforts.

Through this talk participants will learn:

  1. The MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in any successful brand
  2. The secret to ensuring your brand is profitable and lasting
  3. Three things you must avoid when creating your brilliant brand

About Kimberly Gerber: 

Kimberly Gerber

For the past two decades, Gerber’s focused approach to communication strategies has successfully led Fortune 500 companies such as Starbucks and Fleetwood Enterprises toward real results. Her innovative ideas, breakthrough programs and proven techniques have served as a catalyst, helping countless C-level executives, entrepreneurs, millennials and high-potential employees reach their goals. Organizations such as Allergan, Starbucks Coffee and Verizon rely on Excelerate, Gerber’s communication training and coaching firm, for highly specialized communications guidance and training to help them succeed. Gerber also brings the power of effective communication to podiums across the country as a motivating and empowering public speaker. With the ability to speak on a variety of topics related to transformational communication, Kimberly is among the region’s most sought-after and acclaimed keynote speakers, consistently leaving attendees feeling energized and inspired. Kimberly brings the power of effective communication to podiums across the country as a motivating and empowering speaker. With a witty charm, she engages audiences and creates a transformational experience for her audiences while educating on topics related to transformational communication, personal branding and stress-free success. Gerber holds a B.A. in Marketing and Public Communications from SUNY Buffalo. Committed to lifelong learning, she’s completed graduate studies at San Diego State University; is a graduate of Newfield, an ICF-certified executive coaching program, and has earned mediation certification from the Los Angeles County Bar Association.

Leadership Program Panel: 10:30 am to 11:30 am

Special Panel Featuring:

Brenda Springer, Owner | Reveille, Inc.

Keith Pillow, Founder | Caddy Marketing & Communications, Inc.

Mary Ann Pearson, Chair of Arts & Sciences | CBU/Online

Todd Cooley

Moderated by Todd Cooley, Founder & Principal | Todd Cooley Company



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One Week until PRSA Western District in Riverside


The X Factor: Managing Social Media in Crisis


There is rarely a “playbook” for dealing with an organizational emergency. Even the most seasoned professional must deal with the changing nature of a dynamic situation and its unanticipated challenges.

Ria Carlson, Associate Chancellor, Strategic Communications, University of California, Irvine and Kelly Huston, Deputy Director, Crisis Communications & Public Affairs, California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services will present their recent trials and headlines, and their hard-fought lessons from the front lines of crisis situation.  Moderated by Christopher Perez, APR, Partner, Westbound Communications

Register for the PRSA Western District Conference to get the best practices and practical advice on how the “social media X-factor” should be addressed at the start, middle and end of any emergency scenario.

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