Millennial Survey

The PRSA Board of Ethics & Professional Standards is seeking to better understand what ethics training Millennial practitioners have received, if any, and what they perceive as the most pressing ethical issues in our profession. If you're a Millennial and would like to participate in the survey, please click here.

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5 Minutes with Janice Newman: Ethics & Leadership

5 Minutes with Janice Newman, APR

-Ethics & Leadership-

Since the focus is on “Ethics” this month, we should take a little time to reflect on what that means.  What does that mean to me as a leader in the group.

As a member of the Public Relations Society of America, each of us has agreed to conduct our professional lives in an ethical manner.  We set the example to others to assure that our actions:

  •       serve the public good
  •       maintain the integrity of our reputation
  •       adhere to the highest standards of accuracy and truth.


As leaders in our chapter, our responsibility to adhere to those standards of conduct are especially important.  The other members look upon us as examples. 

When are actions reflect our words, we clearly demonstrate that we believe in those professional values.  We are not just paying “lip service” to principles prescribed in a document.

 In the classic “parent/child” relationship, the child looks toward the adult for cues about how to behave.  The parent serves as an example to the child.

 Although chapter leadership is in a more dynamic relationship to the members, the same principle applies to the relationship.  The members look toward the leaders for cues on how to conduct themselves professionally. 

 That basic concept makes it more imperative that the leaders follow the accepted rules of conduct.  Others are observing that behavior and decide what actions are appropriate for their own situations.

 For more information about PRSA’s Code of Ethics, go to

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Sponsor Spotlight: The Community Foundation


HUGE thanks to our friends at The Community Foundation for sponsoring our September luncheon with Mike Berger at the Victoria Club in Riverside. Its mission is to strengthen  Inland Southern California through philanthropy. The Community Foundation achieves this by:

Raising assets:  We partner with exemplary individuals, families and others who care passionately about improving the community and create permanent charitable funds.

Stewarding assets:  We invest and administer charitable assets based on a set of rigorous national standards.

Distributing assets:  We make grants to nonprofit organizations that are doing important work in health and human services, youth and families, arts and culture, education – and for civic and environmental benefit.

Community leadership:  We serve as a convener by bringing together key stakeholders to determine community needs; we facilitate the development of collaborative solutions to important community issues; and we act as a catalyst for positive change.

For more information, check out:

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Inland Empire Media Awards: Nominations Open

Deadline to submit entries for the Inland Empire Media Awards is tomorrow. This awards show focuses on Service to the Community.

 You can make nominations and get more information at:

Categories you may be eligible to enter include:

Company Awards:
Radio or Television Station of the Year
Newspaper or Magazine of the Year

Best Coverage of a local news story of the Year

Locally produced radio or television show of the Year
Local Website of the Year
Blog/Podcast of the Year

Governmental Media Outlet of the Year
Self-Promotion of the Year
Public Service Campaign or Event of the Year

Individual Awards:
Media Talent of the Year (writers, reporters, on-air talent)
Media Professional of the Year (includes those not eligible in Media Talent)
Young Achiever Award

Student Awards:
Best college Media Outlet of the Year
Best college Web Site/Blog of the Year
Best Student Media Representative of the Year

Last year’s gala was one of the best received events in the history of the American Advertising Federation – Inland Empire and we are expecting the 2016 gala to be just as great. It will be on Thursday, September 22 at the Mission Inn in Riverside.

Make Nominations and get more information at:

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