The State of PR: Predictions and Trends in 2015 with Aaron Norris, APR

As a public relations professional, what happens when journalists and mainstream media are no longer your most important communications channels?

The lines of PR, marketing and advertising are increasingly blurred. Reporters are being asked to become photographers, PIOs are being asked to produce and star in weekly videos, and PR pros are consistently being asked to become content marketers that understand SEO, SEM, Panda and Penguin? Say what?

How on earth can you possibly keep up and stay relevant with all the changes in technology? What skillsets will be in demand in 2015 and beyond?!

Get Ready To Discover...

  • Key trends affecting communication pros in 2015
  • The top 3 skillsets to keep you relevant in 2015
  • Comprehend Web 3.0, the semantic web – what it is, and why it’s critical to incorporate nto your plan
  • International and Inland SoCal social media trends
  • And MUCH MORE!

January, 21, 2015 – 11:30 AM

Victoria Club
2521 Arroyo Drive
Riverside, CA 92506


About the speaker:

Aaron is Vice President of The Norris Group which specializes in California hard money lending, trust deed investments, real estate investments, and real estate investor resources. Aaron's responsibilities include investor relations, business development, community outreach, marketing, PR, and special events.

Aaron hosts the weekly award-winning Real Estate Headline Roundup Vlog as well as produces The Norris Group's award-winning radio show and podcast. He's the creator and producer of The Norris Group's series, "I Survived Real Estate," which has raised over $520,000 for charity since inception in 2008. In total, Aaron has been directly involved in raising over $1.5 million for charity since 2008.

In his spare time, Aaron is co-host and producer of the Webby nominated Cocktail Party Statement podcast which reviews marketing, business and strategy books. Aaron can also be seen around California teaching marketing, PR, web 3.0, and social media strategy at colleges and professional associations. Aaron is an Accredited Public Relations Professional (APR) and has served in many roles on the local PRSA board including President 2014 and will serve as PRSA Western District Board Secretary in 2015.

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