Denim? Don’t dare it.

You probably already know that the Victoria Country Club in Riverside, home to many of our regular luncheons, has a strict no denim policy.

How strict?  If you manage to make it into the building with this beloved blue material, you will be asked to leave. That strict.

To honor their policy, and for your enjoyment, here is a selection of our favorite denim disasters from the past few decades.








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A Word From Our President…

This 50th year for PRSAIE has been an excellent one. We recently celebrated this anniversary at the Polaris award ceremony and it was awesome to see so many of our Past Presidents in attendance. As my year as President comes to a close, gratitude for a wonderful board and chapter fill my heart. Our chapter has stayed over 100 members this year and we even hit 117 members for a week or so. We now have 108 members and six of those are Associate Members who joined after finishing and academic program. My focus has been one mentoring, coaching and bringing out the best in the board, our students and members.

I believe that we achieved great things this year by making connections, networking and providing opportunities for learning with excellent programming. I am happy to move into the Past President role and will assist Heather Raymond as she leads the 2016 team. I encourage any member who has considered PRSAIE board or committee involvement to go for it! We have a great team and getting involved is fun, encouraging and rewarding.


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An Important Message From The PRSAIE


I have enjoyed serving as your President and I look forward to continued service on the board. As we close out the year, the sad events of the week impacted our Mingle Bells event. Please read the message below and keep those involved in your thoughts and prayers. 

Dr. Mary Ann Pearson, APR 

December brings a time of celebration and this year C.L. Lopez, who is the President of the California Association of Public information Officials (CAPIO) led this year’s Mingle Bells committee, our yearly event which brings together PRSAIE, American Marketing Association and American Advertising Federation. Last night’s Mingle Bells Event, held at Avila Terrace in Riverside became an important moment to hug friends and appreciate more than just what we have accomplished over the past year.

Our hearts were heavy as we learned how many of our friends have been affected by the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.

CL. joined us for the Mingle Bells event after not sleeping through Wednesday night to share her experience. C.L.  is a Human Services Communication officer for San Bernardino County.   C.L. knew many people in the IRC conference room and told us the heart wrenching news that some of her friends and colleagues were injured and killed.

In what was an agonizing night, C.L. waited for news with her boss and friend and Summer Adams, before confirmation that Summer’s husband Robert Adams had been killed. Robert leaves behind Summer and a 20-month-old daughter, Savannah. They only found this out yesterday afternoon, a few hours before the general public.

From the San Bernardino Sun – “Our worst fears were confirmed today: our beloved Robert will not be coming home to us,” San Bernardino County Human Services spokeswoman C.L. Lopez wrote in a press release on behalf of the Adams family. The family is not interested in speaking with the press. She earlier wrote on Facebook. “He was a loving son, brother, husband and daddy to Savannah.”

There are 14 families that lost someone, and we would like to lend a hand to those in need. The leadership of our local communications groups thought it appropriate to place more focus on helping the Adams family.

We can help the Adams family directly by giving to a Go Fund Me account that has been setup,

We can all help the Adams indirectly by doing what we do professionally, communicating. Help push the Adam’s Family story and needs out to all our relationships, social media channels, media and more.

A broader fund has been set up by the Arrowhead United Way, to help those affected in San Bernardino. Donate directly at
or Text SBUNITED to 71777.



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