APR Accreditation

Earn Your APR Today!

APR INFO SESSIONS: Contact 2020 APR Chair, Karen Bergh, MPS, APR email: apr@prsaie.org




Now you can prepare for Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) using fully online resources.

Because you can also apply at any time during the year, you can start when you want...and, you can join any online cohort at your convenience!

That means you don't have to go it alone, you can always find someone "virtually" that you can partner with as a study buddy, or a mentor. The Inland Empire chapter of PRSA can help you find the resources you need- locally, or online.

Contact Karen Bergh, MPS, APR to get started.


Make this the year that you give your career the lift it needs! The Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) is considered the pinnacle achievement for practitioners in the public relations field and represents the highest standards of ethics and professional judgment.

If you want to go through your APR process with our chapter, contact Karen Bergh and let her know you are ready!

THEN...get ready for liftoff!

next: Follow these steps

1. Download the application.

2. Fill out and submit the application with the $25 fee.

3. Once accepted into the program, join an APR PREP chort.

4. Study, read, study some more...!

5. Prep and participate in your Panel Presentation.

6. Once you are recommended to advance to the exam by the Readiness Review panel, then you...

7. Schedule your certification exam (NOW ONLINE).

8. Study for your certification exam.

9. Take your certification exam.